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Who we are and where are we now.

So it's time for all hands on deck


This page is maintained by:
John J. Herrmann
Danbury Connecticut


Mike C. Adamo

Mary Adamo - Mike's sister-in-law called to let me know that Mike passed away last week.  He was living in Biloxi, MS.

OLD NEWS 02)5/2003  Just got off phone with Mike.  He is alive and well.  Living in Biloxi, MS but doesn't have a computer and not sure he will have a permanant address right now.  His intermediary is his cousin Mike J. and wife Mary Adamo.  They have a computer and can get a message to Mike if need be.   info by

Glenn Smith  

Santa Maria Retirement Apartments,apt.1113 ,674 Beach BLD. Biloxi ,Miss. 39530
Jim Gill


Monday, May 12, 2003 2:13 PM

 passing of comrade

It is with extreme sadness that I inform you of the passing of my Step father YNC James A. Gill on 12 May 2003.  After a long and tough fight with cancer, Jim finally went home at 830am this morning.
Please pass this information along with anyone you deem interested.
His funeral arrangements will be  Wednesday May 14th hours 1600-2000, at the Shepherd Funeral Home, Main St, Carver MA. 02330
Funeral Mass at 0930, Thursday 15 May 2003 at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Main St, Carver MA 02330 (508-866-4000) with internment at 1115am at the Bourne National Cemetary.
I and my family thank you and all for your support and the happiness he found in renewing acquaintances thru your website as well as reunions.
Yours truly
Paul Strobis (stepson)
4 Silva Street
Carver, MA 02330
Joseph Ramsey

Robert (Red) Deming

James A. Broughton

Dec'd....killed in a P2V crash in 1962  
Guthrie W. Logan








Jose A Babauta







Kenneth G. Rubadou




dec'd      late 70's


Griffith C. Evans Jr



I also confirmed, both through the social security dept and with Dan Higgins' help that our captain, Griffith C. Evans Jr. died in July of 1983.



Robert M. Remack

was from PA....passed away in 1985...colon cancer. Talked to his brother Paul...412-481-8989

Info by Eugene Fettinger, USN-R

Michael A. Cirignano


Mass.. Passed away 9 Mar 82(born 2 sept 1927). Talked to his sister-in-law(    Mary)617-325-2786...son's tel# is *821-781-878-8912

Info by Eugene Fettinger, USN-R

Ltig Peter Kirby



Peter was killed in an auto accident some time ago. I will try to get more info on that for you.

John: I confirmed that Lt. Peter Kirby was killed in March of 1969 when his car was struck by a truck.


Terry Lucas


Died .  1997


Dear John, 

Terry succumbed to cancer in February of 1997.

 Terry and his wife Ruth Ann resided near Johnstown, PA in the small village of Beaverdale.

Brother's email

Gordon Gustavson


Died . 23 May 1991


Dear John, 

 I'm Jean, Gus's wife.  When I came home from taking care of my mother this year, Lauren showed me the site you've set up.  Gus would have loved it as it would give him the opportunity to get together without having to leave home.  I've been reluctant  to go on line about him as I'm not too sure of the chronology of his later Navy ships.

After the Edisto, we were stationed in Davisville on a n ARD 7 for 3 or 4 years!!kkkkThen he went to a destroyer leader, but I can't  remember the number of it.  That was out of Norfolk.  After that, he was a short timer and worked on a small ship in the Brown Shipyard in Boston and was retired from the Fargo Building in So. Boston in '71." John: Here is a photo of the late Gus Gustavson and his wife Jean. The photo was taken around 1988 and was sent to me by his daughter, Lauren Klein.....Tiny "

The year he retired, our home town had just finished building a new regional high school and Gus opened that school as a member of the custodial crew.  20 years later he retired as the head custodian and a school fixture.  When he died in 91 he was 58 years old.  For 3 years we were able to fund scholarships for almost 20 kids from that school. 

We lived most of our 4o years of married life in Byfield, Ma., his hometown.  We had 3 kids: an older daughter that makes her home at our house, a son who looks and is very much like his Dad, and a younger daughter who makes her home in NY State.

It's been more than 10 years since Gus died and I find I'm glad to know there are those out there who remember him in those days when he was a Navy man and enjoying every minute of it.  Keep sending us emails--we enjoy them.

Daughter's email

Thomas Gerecke


Born 3 OCT 1923 

Died 16 SEP 1993
Last residence Sag Harbor, Suffolk, N.Y.  

S/S No. 120-14-2345


Timothy Pancake

Sigmund J. Slubowski

I believe S. J. Slobowski on the EDISTO was Stanley Slobowski.  If I'm
correct - then possibly one of the following is our guy:

Stanley Slobowski  Born 2 JUN 1920  Died  12 OCT 1987  New Haven, Conn.

Stanley Slobowski  Born 1 MAY 1910  Died  28 NOV 1993  Sumner, Tennessee

INFO by Timothy Pancake

Lawrence A. Furchner



NFO by

John J. Herrmann

" Hello,
Thank you for sending a note to my daughter,Sarah. I am Patricia (Sarah's mom) the eldest daughter of Larry Furchner. We all just found your site on the Edisto and my daughter, Sarah, wrote to everyone on the site hoping to find out more about her grandfather We did hear back from one shipmate that mentioned Larry got him out of "hot water" by sticking up for this shipmate when he went AWOL ,thus making his punishment less, and I find that amusing since I personally know my dad when AWOL himself a few times to see his own family.

Since he passed away of heart attack 1-1/2 years after retiring we didn't get to know him very well since most of his duty was on icebreakers and to me it seemed he was gone for years at a time and came home for only 2 weeks once in awhile. He was much loved but you know how military life is. I was 15 when he died so he and mom didn't really tell us too much about the navy life. Mom knows more for sure. He died October 19,1966 and is buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN.

Thanks to all who've put the site together. LOTS of work !

Patricia Mattson (Furchner) "
Charles M. Hooper 

passed away on July 5 2000

" Mike Hooper and his wife, Sally. It was taken,
while they were on vacation,  1999

Mike stood out, in my mind, as a man's man. He was a good sailor and a fun guy to hit the beach with. I recall liberty with he, Jack Lewis and Jim Fitchinger on many occasions...We had good times and I have good memories....Rest in Peace Mike....Tiny

info by 

Bill Gallant (Tiny)

wife's name sally

143 McConkey Dr. Kenmore N.Y. 14223


Collie Brewer


Info by Eugene Fettinger, USN-R


Austin Jackson


Info by Eugene Fettinger, USN-R

Marion E. Ingram  

deceased 22 Dec. 1993 Philia. Pa. 19120
Lewis G. Cooper

deceased 3 July 1990 Dewey, Ok 74029
Kenneth Todd

Pahoa, HI. deceased 24 Nov. 1998


Pahoa, HI. 
John F. Parrish

deceased 1993 Martinsburg, West     Virginia..
Francis A. McBride

deceased 8 Jan. 2002 Worcester, Mass.
William R. Graves

deceased Salem Mass.
Phillip Ransil

deceased 15 Jan. 1992 Penn.
Kermitt M. Parker


deceased 21 Jan. 1991 Miss.
John J. Herrmann


 My Wife Jayne and I Kayaking down the Housatonic Valley River the summer of 2002..

Fishing off Block Island Spring 2004



9 Ye-Olde Rd.


Ct. 06810


George Khoranoff

James J. Reidy

J.J. Reidy & Co., Inc.

 Web URL:

1260 Main Street, Holden, MA 01520-1020
Telephone: (508) 829-6550, FAX: (508) 829-6492
Eugene Fettinger


Hi Shipmate!
                                                                                                  MSC Eugene Fettinger, USN-R
1926 Parkway Drive
Crescent City,
Ca. 95531
Tele # (707) 465-5857  
Paul A.  Brunner  Sr.


Marty Deegan  


15 Wilkins Rd.
Toms River

Tel. 732-506-7980

Larry Farrey


Jim Fitchinger

Bill Gallant (Tiny)



I am retired, having spent a career in insurance claims working for The Hartford Ins Co. I am divorced but have been with Cathy now for about 10 years...No marriage plans as we are still getting to know each other...I have four kids, the oldest is a girl the others are boys. I spend my time fly fishing and working around the yard. I work out four times a week, either running or playing basketball.....

55 Howe St, Methuen Ma 01844


Autrey A Steilling

  17701 39th dr n.e. Arlington WA 98223


George Granakis

Lehman W. Hartley

After getting off the Edisto in July, 1962, I worked in the shipyards of my home town (Savannah, GA) until I could get back into school (Georgia Southern College) in January, 1963.  I met my future wife at GSC and while there I was the Student Body President.  I graduated in June, 1965.  I started my business career selling and traveling three southern states out of Atlanta.  This got to be too much (and we had started our family) traveling, so I got out of the selling game and went into Logistic Management.  I have been with several fortune 500 companies (Green Giant Co.--Beaver Dam, WI, Borden Foods--Birmingham, AL, Nestle Food Co--Hanford,
CA) in the logistic field primarily in the food industry.  I'm retired at the present time, and waiting for my wife to quit her job (1st grade teacher) and retire with me.  We have two grown children (girl and boy), and two beautiful granddaughters from my daughter. My son and his wife
have been accepted at Oxford University in London, England to work on his MBA.  His undergraduate degree was in Computer Engineering.
332 West Windsor Dr. Hanford, Ca. 93230


Reggie Higgins

Joined Navy Reserve as a junior in high school. After graduation, went on active duty from September 1960 to August 1962. Went South once and was transferred to Chelsea Naval Hospital upon return. Then transferred to Newport, RI and served remaining time aboard USS Severn (AO-61). Married Daughn 9/62 and started college at SUNY Cobleskill the same month. Graduated 6/64 (AAS Accounting) and started employment at Xerox Corporation in Rochester, NY. Completed evening college at RIT in 1971 (BS Accounting). Spent the next 23 years in financial positions, then moved into the procurement to finish my last 11 years at Xerox. Additionally, spent time on the local school board and the last 17 years as a Town Justice. Daughn and I have 3 children (I was instructed not to give out ages) and 8 grandchildren (the oldest 17 and the youngest 11). Since I retired from Xerox in 1998, we have quite active in Bluegrass music. I try playing the Dobro and the mandolin. I’ve also been active in Rotary for the past 23 years.

My very best wishes to all of my Shipmates. May each of you stay well and enjoy these years of your lives.

Special thanks to Tiny who got all of this started and to John Herrmann for his fine work on the web pages.


Reg Higgins

656 Clevenger Rd. Ontario, N. Y. 14518


Henry Homicz

Gerald Janusch

  15719 Miller Rd. Macomb, Michigan

810 781 8359

Leo Johnston Jr.

I have been in sales for the past 39 years and I am currently the sales manager of a large machine shop in Pennsylvania and Florida.....We have 220 employees and in 1994 we where bought out by The Manitowoc Company.....We deal in rebuilding and repair of Cranes and replacements Crane Parts, Metalforming Industry, Aggregate and Mining, Scrap Industry we rebuild and sale replacement parts for shears, balers & shredders.....I will be hanging it up in the next few months. I am married and have two children. Joie my daughter is in Fort Lee, New Jersey a manager of a Expo Design Center for Home Depot. My Son Chip is the General Manager of a Machine Shop in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My wife Mary Claire is the Nursing Director of our local hospital and my very best friend.....We love to play Golf and travel.....We will be leaving for three weeks on July 6th 2001 for Jackson Hole, Wyoming to stay at two different dude ranches.....Hope all is well with you and yours.
Take Care
Leo Johnston Jr.
R D #7 Box 26
Fairview Ave.
Punxsutawney, Pa.15767
Larry Lattin

Donald Leng




It is really great to be in contact with so many of you after such a long time. My years on Edisto were some of the most memorable in my life.
I was married for thirty-two years, and have four grown sons and one granddaughter. Prior to becoming disabled in 1993, I enjoyed an interesting career in insurance management and as a commercial pilot flying corporate aircraft.
My youngest son, Luke, is responsible for operations at PTI for Delta Airlines in Greensboro, N.C. This picture was taken 1-26-01 of me with Luke's flight instructor, Laura. Gosh, they didn't make flight instructors like this when I was in training in the 60s! My instructors were crusty old WWII pilots, but could they ever fly! Luke is pursuing a
career as a commercial pilot for Delta.
Very best wishes to each of you,
3900 Cotswold Terr, 101-A,Greensboro, N.C. 27410


John Lewis

  1228 Pekinese Dr. Clearwater Fla. 33764


Terry McPherson

Terry and Judy 2/18/02  
Leonard Mayo 


Just started to work for a new company.  The one I was with closed August 3rd.  I worked for that company, under two different owners, 38 years with most of it spent in their sawmill.  When it comes to sawmills, I've done about everything from being the low man on the totem pole to the head hauncho and everything in between.  The people that just bought the mill, where I worked, are building a new sawmill.  I went to work for them the Nov. 7th.  So far we've put what machinery was left outdoors, tore all but 25' of the old building down, filled in all but 25' of the old cellar hole, (this part contained the valves for the sprinkler system and they decided to leave it) poured a slab for a new building 80' X 200'.  There is currently a new Butler Building being erected on the slab and when that gets finished I know we will be working full speed ahead again as they want to start sawing wood in April of this year.  These people also had a sawmill in Plaistow, N.H., which was the machinery was pulled out of and shipped to North Anson.  The reason they closed that and shipped it to North Anson was people in "Tiny's" neighborhood don't like to work in sawmills.  People in my area don't have a choice, one town one industry be it lumber, shoes, or some other type of work.  I did get to work in Plaistow a couple of weeks before Christmas.  We stayed in Haverhill, Mass. which was about 5 miles from Tiny's house so we spent some very enjoyable times together.  Tiny even took me to the local bar so I could spend the evening Line Dancing.  I have Sugar Diabeties and I keep my sugar under control through line dancing and never had so much fun in my life.  Here in Maine I dance with 3 different groups. The Winslow group, Waterville Group and The Dedham Group.  I normally dance 3 times a week and quite often more. I'd probably dance 7 days a week if I could. The younger people I work with say how do you do it. You're working as hard as we are then going dancing and were going home and watching TV till bed time.  If I'd of done that I'd of been dead years ago.  I guess I've rambled on about myself enough and hope in the near future to talk to each one of you on an indivual basis as we've got forty years to catch up on .  207-566-5672
Jim Nelson


Thanks for the memories.  Not many sailors had the privilege of
serving on an icebreaker, and not many Airedales at all.  I was one
of the AG's on the 1960-1961 North-South cruises, and I also
qualified as underway JOOD on the North cruise.

My name is Jim Nelson and I reported aboard the Edisto as an AG1 and
sewing on my first hashmark.  I made the cruise North as the only AG
on board and when we made it back to Boston, I met and married the
girl of my dreams.  We're still married after 40 years.

I guess I'm in contact with about 20 of that crew and one of the guys
is trying to contact more of that 1960-1961 crew.



418 Heatherwood Ct.
League City TX  77573-5918
Phone: 281-538-4138
Cell: 281-620-4343 (only if we're not at home)
Nick Raiti



     A photo of Nick Raiti and his wife,Joanne, taken while they were on vacation last year 2001. Nick is semi-retired and is contemplating getting a computer system but I think that he needs a little more coaxing.... 36177 Eaton Dr. Clinton Township.Mi.48035


Ed Shapira

Tom Shoener


Greetings to my Edisto shipmates. I was aboard
1960-61, one trip south, one north, and was one of the
small crew in the weather office. It's just amazing
that 40 years have gone by since those exciting days!!

I quit smoking and got discharged on the same day in
1962, then went back to the University of Maine and
earned a degree in wildlife management. Then for 30
years I worked in the public information and education
branch of the Maine Fish and Wildlife Department, the
last 14 years as division chief and editor of the
state conservation magazine. I enjoyed that career
thoroughly, but nonetheless took early retirement (age
55) and went to work seasonally for LL Bean (you know,
the company that sends out all those catalogs and
sells those funny boots with leather tops and rubber
bottoms!!) I work in customer service and, by choice,
only in the fall and winter. That allows lots of time
to play.
My playing in recent years has mainly been boating,
camping and fishing. Among my watercraft is a
27-footer that I cruise the Maine coast with
(challenging, but no place finer). We escape to
Florida late in the winter each year, and also have an
annual 2-week late summer camping caper to Canada, a
new place each year.
Been married 34 years. Wife's name is Florence, and
she has an interesting job: she cooks for the Governor
of Maine. We had only one child, but a good one, Kurt,
who is the manager of a state park here in Maine.
My best to all of you.
2102 Hallowell Rd
Litchfield, Maine 04350

David St.John


Joined Navy Reserve as a Junior in high school; on
active duty Sept.'60- Sept.'62( 1 southern & 2
northern cruises). Had a dozen different jobs and
attended college a couple of years before the Postal
Service adopted me as a mailman for the last 29+
years. I've spent most of my life in the Cooperstown,
N.Y. area except for my Navy time and 3 years in
Albany, N.Y.('68-'71) where I met and married my wife
of 30 years (Delaine has kept us together-my biggest
blessing). We have 3 children; a son(27) who is in
charge of the night custodial crew at the local Sports
Center (where they have the Hall Of Fame Induction
every year); a daughter(25) who is married to a Navy
man (he's a 2nd Class in computers and they're in
Iceland for the next 2 years); and a daughter (18) who
will be starting college soon. I thank God they're all
in good health. I've found over the years that nothing
deflates you like a sick child. Hope all my shipmates
are doing well and thankful for the good things that
have come their way. Keep up the excellant job on
bringing us together. 

Regards; Saint

4301 State Highway 28; Milford, N.Y. 13807
David Thiem


Picture taken 1996 on Royal Caribian cruise.

We're going to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary on Sept 10th this year 2002 and it is soooo great to have met and married such a terrific woman ...

Sun City West, AZ. 623-584-1392
Ed Toohey

Fred Uythoven  

Ernest Keeler

  14 Burke St. Nashua N.H.


Tim Pancake


To all my shipmates from the EDISTO - hello, and I hope all is well with you and your loved ones!  I can't begin to tell you how often I have thought back to those days and wondered where everyone went and what they were doing! I live in Shelby, Ohio. I am Human Resource Manager at a metal stamping company.  I was married from 1964 to 1973.  I have a son Brian who has two sons - Matt and Tyler.  I have a daughter Tracey who has a daughter Christian.  Tracey has informed me that I'm going to be a grandpa again this November - granddaughter number 2. Graduated from a college in Texas in 1969 - taught school in Pompano Beach, Florida for a while then migrated back to Ohio.  Though my wife and I were from Dayton originally we settled in Mansfield, Ohio which is located mid-way between Columbus and Cleveland. Been trying to reach a friend of mine off the ship his name is Richard Alan Roberts. J.J. - do you have any ideas where he has moved or have you lost contact over the years?  If I'm not mistaken you were best man at his and Sherri's wedding weren't you? Was sorry to hear that the old ship is gone.  At least the memories aren't.  I hope to hear from all of you - so take down this e-mail address and send a message this way.  I will get in touch!  As a matter of fact - let's all get in touch! Best wishes to all of you! 


This is a picture of my girlfriend Shirley and myself at the wedding reception of one of her daughters.  Shirley and I have been together a total
of 11 years.


He lives at 27 West Smiley Ave. Shelby, Ohio 44875

419 347 6380

Richard M. Whirlow

 513 W Allenton St. Mount Gilead, NC

 27306   Mailing Address P.O. Box 925  

Darryl Kenning

6331 Marshall Rd.
Centerville, Ohio 45459-2236
Ron Verborg 

I married my wife of almost 35 years in June of 1967. 3 children and 5 grandchildren later, we are still going strong. Would love to hear from fellow shipmates, either by e-mail or phone. Ron. 1500 Orchard St. Racine Wisc. 


 262 633 7919

D. L. Remrey


  1220 3rd Ave, Clinton, Iowa, 52732. 

 319 242 8576

Richard L. Mallmann

  W 9237 Lincoln Ave., Milw. Wisc. 53227

 414 321 2171

George Saner

I visited George Saner and his wife last week. HE'S 76  but looked good. Told me he went on the Burton Island 1946...on the Edisto off 1962.

Eugene Fettinger
4525 Montcurve Blvd., Fair Oaks, 

Calif. 95628. 

 916 967 5169

George V. Rudolph


He is now age 65 and in good health. He spent 20 years in the USN, retiring in the late 70's. You will remember that he was a Steward and I recall him as being a real nice guy. I recalled people telling me that he is the brother of Wilma Rudolph of Olympic fame and so I asked him if it was true and he affirmed it. Unfortunately, his sister passed away about 3 years ago...George is not on-line yet but will be soon as he just purchased a computer.

INFO by  Tiny

3982 Lawing Dr., Nashville, Tenn., 37207 615 868 6604
Mike Lacanic

  16 George St. Lakeland, Florida,33801..Tel  No phone but can be reached at the local AmVets between 6am and 9am..863 688 3413
Vasley Domoretsky   

(Ziggy) 40 Reynolds Ave. Chelsea Ma. 02150-1533..Tel  617 884 1504
Gerald Downs

  8096 119th St. Bluegrass Iowa 52726

 *82 1 319 381 1254 (note, the *82 must be used)

Jim McPherson

  128 N. Vosper St. Saranac, Mich. 48881

 616 642 6303

Wilson E. Sellers

Hi,(again for some)
I know I have spoken to some of the shipmates, but not all. My name is Karen Wallace. My dad is Wilson Sellers, he was aboard the Edisto. I need your help. Dad is mentally disabled, and has been for about 21-22 years. I am trying to get service connected disability for him. This has been difficult since he has the mental ability of an 8 year old. His condition seems to be getting worse with age. This is where you guys come in. I need information about the storm and the serious nature of what you all went thrugh out there. I need the following information....... What happened, what ship it was, circumstances surrounding the storm, feelings you had, how it affected you during and after, anything else of importance. Dad often spoke of the terror of the experience, but I was such a little girl. Now, he has a hard time explaining the situation. There was no such thing as post tramatic stress when he had his breakdown, but now we look back and we feel he had all the symptoms. I just need the documentation. Please think of anything that may help, nothing is to small. I know everyone deals with things differently, my dad just did not deal with it well. He separated just after the storm, and in 12 years had well over 30 different jobs.  I have taken care of him since I was 12,it would be easier with the VA's help. Just write your information down and send it to me at Karen Wallace- 153 Edgewater DR. Concord, NC 28027.  Just sign it and put a phone number for the VA. Remember, any little thing may help.I want to give my heart-felt Thanks to all of you who have already helped by sending me some great information. I have not heard anything yet, but I know you can never have to much info for the VA.  I know there have been more mates found since I orginally sent this e-mail out and wanted to ask the others for help. If you have questions just e-mail me at THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Bibik  

He can also be reached at

7130 Lakeshore Rd. #64, Forestville, Michigan, 48434


989 864 8027. 

Louis J. Elvove 

He was in
the printing business for 35 years and now he's
selling Cadillacs. He's not online yet, but he has a
daughter nearby that is.
Paris, Ky.  859-987-7742
Ernest H. McMahan

I did not get to speak to him but I spoke to his wife Joy. She is very pleasant to talk to. She said that McMahan is in good health and is still working driving a tractor trailor..She said that their sons are on line so maybe we will eventually be able to communicate with Ernie via email through one of his boys.....

info by    Tiny

905 E South St. North Baltimore, Ohio, 45872 

419 257 2785

Jack Edwards

  12802 West LaTerraza

Sun City, Az. 85375  623-544-3399

John Quattromani

. He was on the Edisto 5 years and
retired in '64. He work for Civil Service in Newport
for 20 years. He's 75 now. I contacted "Johnsie"
because he was interested in getting a cruise book.
He's not online but says that his sister is, so I gave
him the website


29 Park St.

Jamestown, R.I. 


Jack Griffin

I was assined to the Edisto, on Feb 1960 to June 1962.Got out of the Navy. June 1966.Went to work for the Grayhound Bus Co.Till,1968.Then to the General Elec .In Lynn, Mass. On Feb,1970. To the Revere Police Dept.Retired,1999, Now living in Florida, Work part time at Colder Race Track.& Gulfstream Race Track, when they open on Jan 3.2002. 17890 W. Dixie, 

N. Miami, FL. 33160



Richard  Haumann


AKA ... P. F. Haumann



Memories are made of this, or, more than you wanted to know

Born 5/30/40, Munich, Germany...NO, the next five years weren't pleasant.

After the war, moved to Johnson City, TN to live with Mom's Mom. My Mom was
a teacher. Dad, because he was a German, wasn't able to get out of Germany
until 1948. He then lived in Bronxville, NY and we moved there in 1951. That
was 6th grade. And, soon after, traded our ‘48 Chevy for a new ‘54 Mercury.
Mom taught and later became a Principal in Yonkers, NY. Dad worked in the
city. I fumbled my way through both junior and senior high school.

Looking back, those years were filled with extreme ups and
downs...academically.. athletically....socially... personally...... and
challenged me morally. Today, fortunately, over time, memories of those
years make me smile....I guess that’s growth....

When the class of ‘58 graduated, I was already enlisted with the Navy and was
preparing to leave the past behind and head for Boot Camp. After Radio School
and Norfolk (“dogs and sailors keep off the grass”), most of you know the
rest....USS EDISTO.......May of ‘62 found me with a high school GED, an
Honorable Discharge and enrolled in summer school at Westchester Community
College.....I had finally seen the light....In 1964, between my sophomore and
junior year, I got married, transferred to Rider College in Trenton,
commuting daily from my home in Northeast Philly.

After graduation in ‘66 we moved to New Rochelle, NY and I began working in
NYC for GE’s in-house ad agency....(as a gopher)....became a copywriter in
’68 in Schenectady... in’69, an account supervisor in Winston Salem, NC.
Christopher was born in ‘68 and Jason in ‘70. We moved into an old Victorian
in Farmington, CT when I went to work for a very small ($6mm) industrial
adhesive manufacturer (Loctite) as ad manager. Left there as brand manager in
late ‘79 when company had reached $265mm in sales and listed on the NYSE. (In
1972 I filed for divorce and moved from Farmington to Hartford.)
I guess I started my mid-life crises a little early at age 32.

January ‘80 found me in CT’s 2nd largest in-state ad agency (Keiler Adv.) as
an account supervisor. That was a great experience..until 1989 when I struck
out on my own as a freelance marketing/advertising consultant. I had already
lost both of my sons to Muscular Dystrophy. In 1991 I founded Marketing
Partners Group.
During my years at Keiler I met Barbara who, in 1991, became my wife. We were
married by the Dutch government in St. Maarten (yes, it’s legal) and moved
back into Farmington just two miles from where I had lived in the late 60’s.

In 1993 I was blessed with the birth of Cody Richard Haumann. When Barb and I
married, I immediately became a step - dad to her son Ryan who today is a
full blown teenager (almost 19, and as of 8/24/01 was a registered freshman
at Clarkson University in Pottsdam, NY getting ready to study Engineering
Management...... { and feel the freedom of being away from home...BEER
ANYONE?}....Cody is almost 9). Even though it has been 4 plus decades since I
was a teenager, Ryan hears a lot of “been there...done that”. During to
years of ‘86 -’98 I coached soccer for 5 seasons and for the last 6 years,
Pop Warner football, as well as basketball and Little League (We, Cody’s
team, won the AAA world series this year).

As I look forward to my 60’s (not back at the sixties), my life, with the
exception of the passing of Chris and Jason, on a scale of 0-10, rates a 8+.
I’m very thankful for that. My health is very good. My family is wonderful
and I’m looking forward to having Cody’s friends ask him, as he becomes a
teenager, if that’s his “grandfather” he’s with.

30 Green Woods La., Farmington, CT 06085

Home 860-675-9648

Off: 860-675-5990

Dennis Colsch

Hello crew members
         After leaving the U.S.S. Edisto I went to Norfolk VA.. I reported aboard the U.S.S Tutuila ( AGR-4 ). A repair ship that never left port from what I was told. Guess what it left port when the Cuban crises kick off. I was put ashore with Jim MacPherson in Jamaica and we were flown back to Norfolk to be discharged in Nov of 1962. I returned to Texas where my wife and children lived. I worked in the shipyards in Texas for awhile then started following construction. I ended up in Utah on a pipe line job. Quit construction and went into steel fabrication. left that and went to work for Union Pacific Railroad in 1978 in Green River WY. I ended up divorced in 1980. remarried in 1984 to a great lady by the name of Nelda. I have 3 children and 9 grandchildren. If all goes well I am hoping to retire in Dec of 2003. if I can stop buying all the goodie toys. That pretty much covers my life since leaving the Edisto.
                                                                                       Hope everybody is doing ok and maybe one day we can all get together
                                                                                                     Dennis and Nelda Colsch
365 East 4th South, Green River Wyoming 82935

307 875 5565

Bill Lautzenheiser

  152 Hickory Hollow Lane, Taylorsville, North Carolina, 28681.

 828 495 3474.

Kenneth H. Devlin

  2750 Fireside Ct., Orlando Fla. 32829l 407 855 7742
George Grassby

  , 55 Clinton St. Marlboro, Ma. 01752
John Steins

  3044 Sewells Pt. Rd., Norfolk, Va.23513-3734

757 853 1081 

Seth Stone

  P.O. Box 336 Cool Ridge, W. Va. 25825, 304 787 3377
Ronald C. Kaliher


Ron and Mary Kaliher taken on the deck of their home in Northern Minnesota 9/18/01  P.O. Box 366, 4998 4th Ave. N.E., Longville, MN. 56655. 
Reynaldo Donado

  2107 Abbey Rd. Norfolk Ba. 23509

Tel 757 857 5903

Lou Bahoritsch

Picture taken in the winter of 1961/1962 in the enlisted men's club in

706 Rock Ridge Road
River Vale, NJ 07675

(201) 573-9704

Clayton T. Yoncher

  P.O. Box 461




Elias M. Rizk

aka  ... Mike Rizk

  33148 Janet Ave.

Fraser Michigan


 810 296 7458

Len Toigo



Just celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary and have 28 year old twin girls.
    After the Navy, played a lot of sports primarily softball and had several jobs until 1974 when my father-in-law asked me to join the family business West End Moving & Storage Inc in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He asked what I was earning and said he would match. He failed to tell me I’d be working 70 hours instead of 40 hours. Worked out well. I ran a satellite office in Danbury, Connecticut from 1980-1985 and became President of both locations in 1986. Looking to get out at this time. Kids not interested however, I did offer a Position to my son-in –law (Chef) and my daughter called to tell me she likes him the way he is and don’t expect him to accept. So I hired a young CEO last year with intent to sell out. Had thought about retiring (Semi-retired) this year and discussed
my being home with my wife. Suggested I could help getting the house to operate more efficiently if she was open to constructive criticism. She said, she wasn’t ready for me and to continue working until further notice.
    Intend to take more time for travel here and Europe.
    Gave up on sports but do ride a motorcycle.
    Great to hear about everyone after all these years. I remember going in and thinking
2 years would never end  !
If interested my company Webb site is

Good Health to all.

Milford, Connecticut

Home 203-876-8998

Office 203-367-4481


Ray Koski

  2517 West 66th Street, Richfield Minn. 55423, 612 866 1921
Ens. Daniel G. Higgins He is not on the internet.... 237 Quay Blvd.. Brigantine, N. J. 08203

609 266 6962

Joseph J. Martin


Kenoza St., Haverhill, Ma. 01830

978 372 5444  

Grady F. Lea


I retired in
l968 with about 22 years, retired as HMCS. I retired here in Pensacola and as there wern't enough Chiefs, I had no "piping-over-the-side" when I left. On June 8, a week ago, in my Church, all the retired Navy Chiefs, E7, 8, & 9 got together and without my knowledge, gave me a ceremony complete with honors. They even provided a flag flown over my last duty station, now CNET, and shadow box with all the proper things inside. The works. Was a grand but humbling experience.
Had my 50th wedding this year, 1 March, and my lovely wife and I both enjoyed that. That was a great surprise from our three children. They all had excuses as to why they could not be in Pensacola during that time and we would "possibly" do something later. They all even called us the evening before using their cell phones so it would appear on our ID caller as from their home town. All the time they were in Pensacola plotting.
Prior to retiring, a CDR from the Naval Aerospace Research Institute called me and wanted to discuss setting up a Clinical Laboratory in Penscola. We did. Open up the day I retired. We sold that to a Dallas firm and opened up a second Lab. We sold that to Hoffman LaRoche Pharmaceuticals in the 80's and I stayed on as Mamager. Gave me 20 years with the Lab. (When we sold, we had a Lab in Quincy, FL, Panama City. FL, Mobile, AL, Pascagoula, MS, and two Labs in New Orleans. Had a staff of about 108 people plus 10 or 12 MD's and several PhD's. Roche sold later to LabCorp out of California. I then went to the West Florida Regional Medical Center as Director of Microbiology and stayed 8 years. Then taught for one year at the local Junior College. Now...I just do what I want to do, which includes being a Master Gardener, giving lectures/presentations on various subjects around the county to various groups. We have a graveyard down town that dates back to the early 1700's and many of the explorers of Spanish, French, etc fame are buried there. I and two others did a one year study of and mapping of and identification of all the flora inside that 8 acres. We believe this to be the only study of this  nature and magnitude done. As a result of that I am not on the Historical preservation board as of yesterday. That should keep me out of some trouble. I stay busy. My wife and I both enjoy life and enjoy retirement.  Tell me about some of the other folks from Edisto that you have kept track of or know about.  Dr. Bryson called me from Virginia about 6 months ago. He has retired as Chief of Surgery at the Virginia Medical Center in Richmond and also from the facualty of the Med. School there.  He told me he had gone west and visited DCR Griffith prior to his passing away and he had also visited Lt Keeler somewheree along the line. Here in Pensacola I saw one young HM2 coastguard fellow who was on the Eastwind with us and he and I had worked some together. That was back in  65 I believe. Haven't seen nor heard of any others.  


7050 Belgium Circle

Pensacola, Fla


850 944 0942

John Repic

Shelba and John 2/18/02 3077 Castle Rd. North Branch Michigan 48461,

tel# 810 688

John Suski


  7636 Dacosta, Detroit, Mi. 48239, tel# 313 278
Glenn D. Smith

If my feeble memory serves me correctly, my travel agent booked me for 3 cruises (2 north and 1 south) aboard the Mighty E before a transfer in Sept 62.   An old Tar once told me that I should consider myself among the "chosen few" when I learned that my long-awaited transfer took me 100 yards down the pier to the Mighty "G."  Which, I might add, was preparing to depart for a southern cruise.  Six months later and barely getting me back to US soil before my enlistment was up, the Glacier dropped me off in Rhode Island where I was discharged April 22. 1963, so that I could make my own way back to Boston to get my "stuff" that was still on the ship. Returning home that year to Florida,  I later met and married Katherine Oliver in 1966, whereupon we signed on for a 32 year career with the Bendix Field Engineering Corporation (BFEC) based in Columbia, Merryland and remained in their employment throughout mergers with AlliedSignal and Honeywell.  BFEC was the M&O contractor for the NASA Manned Space Flight Network which later became the Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network (STDN).We enjoyed a fantastic career involving overseas travel, launching rockets, tracking spaceships and all the other fun stuff that NASA had to offer from the beginning of the Apollo Program, Moon Shots, Skylab and current Space Shuttle Program.  Assignments took us to Canary Islands, SP, Ascension Island, UK, Kennedy Space Center, FL, Barstow, CA, Fairbanks, AK,  Greenbelt, MD and finally back to Kennedy Space Center where I retired in Nov 1997.  Somewhere in our idle time she and I managed to sire 3 sons, two older ones are married and have given us four beautiful grandchildren. Randall works for Sony Computers, Gregory is Chief Engineer/Maintenance Supvr for Travel Lodge, Orlando and Douglas is still unmarried and works for Unitied Space Alliance at KSC in support ot the Space Shutlle. Am now living a good life of unemployment, berthed not far from the Indian River where I can fish as often as the weather will permit.  My life is full.   In enjoy working on web sites and if anyone is interested,  they are: BFC: and my personal fishing site:
Regards to all,
Glenn Smith, ETR2
USS Edisto
Hi Guys,
Here are 4 of the little people that my retired life centers around.  Left to Right,  Daughter-in-law Tina, grandson Aaron (5), granddaughter Katlyn (10) and wife Kathie.
Christmas 2002.

P.O. Box 747, Mims, Fla., 32754 tel 321 269 5637 
Avard House

Was a great day... Found Avard House (from Missouri). Was the CS1 in charge of food service from 1960 thru 1962. He said he got out in 1966 but  made Chief first time up. He was and is a great person. Had good leadership qualities. Say's he is turning 75 in aug. 2002


207 Hampton Ct.; Poplar Bluff, Mo. 63901 1-573-785-4200
Donald Ferraro


   66 Sunset Dr. Patterson, N.J. 12563,  845 878 6663
Edmond Rioux

   57 Eastview Ave. Somerset, Ma. 02726,  814 535 3796
Robert J. Vogel

   106 Gerber St. Johnstown, Pa. 15902,   814 535 3796
Myron Fairbanks

   51523 US Highway 2, Deer River, Minn. 56636,

 218 246 9470

Ronald Mallett

Greetings to all Edisto sailors (and sailors they were). I have often how
everyone on deep freeze IV and deep freeze 61 were fairing. I have many fond
memories of those trips, and missed all the shipmates that I sailed with. I
was happily surprised when I got the phone call from Tiny Gallant telling me
about this web page.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy. Let me hear from you.
 430 Dogwood St. Macclennan, Fla., 32063 

 904 259 5685

Althea Taylor

He Is 77

info by Eugene Fettinger, USN-R

 125 Rahway Road, Goose Creek, S. C. 29445 

843 553 7513

Joseph Maxie

   42 Bullocks Point Ave., Apt 6B, Riverside Rhode Island. 02915 

 401 433 0087

Gilbert H. Bryson, M.D.


After being discharged from the Edisto after serving aboard for a year after
DeepFreeze, I returned to Richmond, Va., and did a surgical residence from
1962-1966. I was in the private practice of General Surgery in Richmond for
31 years. Married an old Richmond sweetheart and we had two delightful
daughters and now three grandchildren. After open heart surgery in 1966, I
traded in the stress of surgery for that of golf and retired. I look back on
my experience on the Edisto with fond memories.

Attached is a picture with a little more age than the one in the yearbook!

Thanks again for all your  good work.

Gilbert Bryson
Wiley A. Ramsey

Talked to his brother (Elizia) who was at Wileys home. he lives in Maryland. Wiley is in hospital w/ liver problems?Called the hospital and was to ill at that time to talk...told him I would call next week...and hopefully he would recover well to talk to him.Made the Navy a career and got out in 1974. His home phone is *82-1-318-778-3723.
The hospital phone is #215
info by Eugene Fettinger, USN-R
James L. Brockman

  Elgin, Illinois, 60123 847-742-6279
Ivy D. Luttrull

Newburg, Indiana.




Bernard Nolin

  Ames Highway, Brattleboro Vt. 05301

802 257 7486

Garland W. Huffman

  Work ph#904-786-5753, cell ph#904-571-1792, home (weekend only) ph#352-546-3659 or you can fax me at #904-786-5887

Frederick Brissette

William Wintermute

Peter Breslin  

Ronald Pollard


Robert A. Geddes


I was DeepFreeze 61, Radarman 3/C.  I'm in that cruise book since it was my responsibility to put the final edit together when I got back to Boston after getting discharged....Was also on board for the two preceding trips to the Arctic.  I just moved last October and haven't yet dug out the book
Robert A. Geddes
6801 Hannum Ave.
Culver City CA 90230-6155
Vincent Przybyszewski

Served aboard the Edisto 1960-61 as the junior pilot in the helicopter detachment. My roommate was Ens. Dan Higgins. Many more helo detachments after the Edisto (including the following year on the USS Glacier- back to the Antarctic). Next tour as a Naval flight instructor, followed by a tour in Viet Nam as a helicopter gunship pilot with the Navy Seawolves ( Left the Navy in 1970 to return to school at the Univ of W. Fla in Pensacola, where I received a Masters in microbiology. Then off to Atlanta to join the USPHS and conduct research at the CDC. Twenty years to my retirement in 1996 as a full Commander. Activities now include golfing, tennis, and gourmet cooking. Can it really be 40+ years since the Edisto?? Hard to believe.  
Roger Lebeau  


  58 Town Farm Rd. Dudley Ma.01571, tel 508 943 2135
Tertulino B. Damian

  19717 Wyndmill Cir., Odessa, Fla. 33556, tel 813 920 8988
Cenestor A Nocon

  Chula Vista, Calif., 91910, tel 619 426 9255
Conrado Abenes

  Calif. 95206, tel 209 937 9113
Thomas Lahey

  432 Collier St. Ind. Ind. 46241, tel 317 241 1633
Edward Harrington

  112 Broadway, Salem, Ma. 01970 tel 978 744 4059
David L Neville

  477 Spring St., North Dighton, Ma. 02764, 508 823 1355
Philip Dewey

   250 New Lenox Rd. Lenox, Ma. 01240, tel 413 673 3361
Arthur Cropper

  525 s 10th Ave Absecon N.J. 08205, tel 609 652 0806
Willie Macklin

  1685 Waterford Dr. Florissant, Mo. 30094, tel. 314 921 2612
Erwin F. Goetz

  475 Leisure Dr., Ridge N.Y. 11961
Clair A. Jamison

  Erie, Pa. 16415, tel 814 474 1774,
Oris Burch

  Tatum, Texas,..... tel 903 947 2719
Emory Jarvis


  3273 Fayette Dr. Virginia Beach, Va. 23456, tel 757 563 0344
Lawrence Molands

  Clayhole, Ky., 41317, tel 606 666 4508
Charles Smith

The picture is from last 4th 0f July 2002. The kids are all his sons, daughters, and there wifes and husbands, 14 grandchildren,1  greatgrandchild < and one due next year >

455 South 1st St. Evansville, Wisc. 53536, tel 608 882 5672
Edward A. ROBERTSON   It was good to locate him after all these years.  In short, he left the Navy in 1973, went back to Carthage, MO and began working for ConAgra and is now their Captain of Security there.  Been married 48 yrs, has at least 3 sons, the oldest (Michael) being retired from the Navy himself.                  

info by

Glenn Smith

818 Poplar Street
Carthage, Mo 64836-2146
Ph 417-359-5685
Allan Rachap

I was Communications Officer on Edisto during Operation Deepfreeze 1961.  
Jim Jensen

I left the Edisto in August 1962 and started school at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.  I quite school during my second year to take an apprentiship as a photoengraver.  Spent  thirty seven years in the trade, the last seven as a Chief Shop Steward for the union, on the union executive board and as a Trustee for a joint Union - Company Health Insurance plan.  In my spare time I owned and operated a fishing charter business on Lake Michigan from 1975 to 1985.  Retired in January 2001, moved to northern Wisconsin with my wife Norma (from Boston).  We have two daughters, one son and six grandchildren.  I like to hunt, fish, and snowmobile - retirement is the best occupation I ever had.                    It sure would be nice if everyone could get together again.                                        Best wishes to all of you.                                                                Jim Jensen N4792 Homestead Road - Hawkins, Wisconsin 54530

(715) 585-2399

Thomas B. Jones


  3304, 25 ave, Minneapolis, Minn...tele # #82 612 7210166
Jonah Cravey

I was aboard The First lady of the sea 1959-1962.Married 32 years and I have been a widower for `10 tears. I was stationed aboard with my brother corbet Wilburn. Both of us are diabetics and the doctors had to amputate corbets right leg two days ago. I live alone with my cat"whiskers" Take care and please let me hear from you Bay Minette, Ala.
Charles Stutts

He made a career of the Navy and then went to work for GE and retired from there 11 years ago to open his own business. 1634 Bennett Cir Holly Hill, SC  29059-2515 803-496-7899  
Archie English JR.

  36 Roeling Acres Ln
Paris , KY  (859) 987-2858
Joe Daniels


He is not on-line but his son is at  Joe is retired, in good health and is the father of five children. 10 Gwendale Lane, Greenlawn, N.Y. 11740  631-754-0774
Terence Murphy


  600 W. Mutton Hollow Road, Kaysville, Utah.  801 444 3980
Pete McDuffee


  Lincoln Park, Mi. 48146...tele #313 3888257
Jimmie Hall

  18660 Stratmoor St. , Mi.
Wendell Pierce

Greenville, Tenn

...tele # 423 2340460

Kenneth E. Ward

  Westchester, Ill.

..tele # 708 5311347

Peter Mularchuk  

  Silverdale, Wash.
Earl S. Robinson  


  35 Lamphere Rd Westerly, RI 02891  
Robert Magnotti

  265 Davidson Avenue, Suite 219 Somerset, NJ  
Patrick J. Boyle

12 Brookside Ave,
Caldwell, NJ 07006-5617 
Leeonas (Lee) Yohn 

  370 Juniper Lake Rd
Defuniak Springs, FL 32433
Sanford S. Sell

  1632 Holmes Ave. Racine, WI 53405  
Albert Mitchell 

  1714 Lester St. North Charleston, SC 29405
George W. Mault


My Uncle is one of your missing shipmates. His name is George William Mault. He currntly resides in Michigan

Roy A. Easler

Larry J. Ballard

Greetings Shipmates: 

From Larry J. Ballard in Lewiston, Idaho on this Wednesday, 03 December 2003, at 11:11 Hours PST.

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I received a phone call from Chief Commissary man Eugene Fittinger regarding the USS Edisto AGB-2 and the efforts to find and locate former crew members for hopefully an upcoming reunion. I sure didn’t know he had been searching for the past two years for me. “The missing has been found is all I can say!”

I was transferred from the USS Mc Clelland DE-750 to the Edisto in 1958 and remained on board until 1960, (having made operation Deep Freeze 4) at which time I transferred to the USS Mississinawa AO-144 stationed in Naples, Italy.

I reported aboard to 1st Div. and to BM-2 Doland. After instruction and educational enlightenment in the fine art of holy rocking all the decks, I came to the conclusion that there must be something else to do, so fortunately an opening in Supply as a cook and baker striker presented it’s self, I jumped at it. I have always been proud of the fact I became a baker in the Navy, so much so, I moved to a State that is full of bakers “Potatoes-that is, and Dan Quayle notice I spelled it correctly. I quoted the first exam and was designated CSSN and taking the next test was promoted to 3rd Class.

As I sit here typing this and a rush of memories overwhelms me, I am looking at a framed photograph of a cake I baked upon our return. This includes Chief Brown, Carter 1st. class, Parrish 2nd class Cooper and Putnam 3rd class, Davis and Boyle CSSN.’s I was very sorry to see listed in the “Gone to Sea” portion of the site, the passing of Parrish and Cooper as well as Joe Babauta SD-1 (good friend and shipmate who taught me one of two lessons about gambling-I lost five dollars to him at cards), and I learned this was the hardest five dollars on seaman’s pay I ever earned. The other instance was at the Dog track in Boston. Five dollars on a dog that was leading the pack and stopped short in the middle of the track to take a crap as the whole field passed him. To this day I don’t gamble. There are many others who have passed away that sadden me also. I have some 48 pictures surrounding my office walls. I have 12 pictures of the Edisto in the ice, (official Navy photos), all of my scrolls, International Date line, the Arctic, the Antarctic, Shell back, Equator, Top of the World,. I also have a 4 foot X 4 foot map of the Antarctic as well as pictures of all of my ships, and those of my sons. One would think they were in a Navy museum of some kind.

After transfer I married my wife of 43 years, Barbara Ann and we have five children.

Ted who studied Nuclear Engineering as a midshipman at U or F and served aboard Los Angeles Class Subs is now a civilian contractor in Kuwait.

Chris who is a Lt. Col, USAF at the Pentagon


Sam who has a B.S. in Electron Molecular Bio, and an Ms in nursing, and performs about 2-4 surgeries implanting pacemakers, defibrillator, or dose meters for diabetics each day.

Joel GMC (Navy Seal) stationed aboard the USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51

Kathleen Rene’e killed one week after H/S in a traffic accident 1994. Kat was to have started the Idaho State Police Academy that fall.

I was transferred to Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Oak Harbor, WA and while stationed there was again promoted to 2nd class. At the end of my enlistment I was discharged and went into Police Work in WA. I moved back to Dayton, Ohio my home and continued in Police Work as a homicide detective. I moved to FL and continued there at the Gainesville, Fl, Police Department. I returned to college for a second degree in Anatomy, and then working for Coroner’s offices both as an investigator and later inside assisting the M.E. with 2-5 autopsy examination’s a day. I returned to college yet again and for the past fifteen years have been in Funeral Service. I am a national board-certified embalmer and a licensed funeral director and embalmer in WA, Idaho and have held licenses in Oregon. I lost this past election for the Office of the Coroner in and for Nez Perce County, Idaho by some 413 votes. That was a disappointment for me but I am enjoying the added free time. The only thing I can figure for this loss is the influx of California residents pulling the ejection seat and riding the ball straight into God’s Wonderland among the “clear streams and beautiful mountains” of Idaho. Where salmon and steelhead, bass, crappie and sturgeon (catch and release) abound for the fisherman’s taking. Ducks, geese, bear, elk, moose, deer, big horn sheep, cougars, and bobcats, for the hunter and otters, etc. for the trappers. For the rest of us there are rodeos, bull riding, saddle clubs, horse, and mule shows and draft horse pulling meets. You’ll find me hanging around any of these I can get to. Which reminds me, if we are able to have a re-union next in Los Vegas as is being talked about; my vote is October during the NFR (National Finals Rodeo).

I retired for about three years and the Funeral Home called last year asking me to come back to work. So I do night call three evenings a week and take weekend call every weekend. I can’t tell you when I had a full night’s sleep. Generally am awakened at least once.

Barbara is a Radiation Oncology Therapist and sees some 38 to 43 cancer pt’s. each day. She also plays a base clarinet in the Lewiston Civic Orchestra, Lewiston Community Band and she is currently playing in the orchestra pit, with the Lewiston Little Theater’s production of “Annie,” so she is a very busy lady.


Keep your feet on the deck and smooth sailing to all.



1414  14th Ave., Lewiston, Idaho 83501 Home: 1-208-746-7438   Cell: 1-208-413-0592  Pager:1-208-750-0877
James Squire

I was on board the Edisto from Sept. 60 to Aug. 62.I can never forget those two years. Going to the south pole right out of high school. Who would have beieved that. The crew was about the greatest guys Ive ever known. Ive been waiting along time for this. For years I have wonderes what happen to you guys.  
Dale B. Robinson

I sure am suprised to hear from someone off of one my naval duty stations. I remember the great times. I now live in Fort Mohave, Az