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 This Page will be pictures of gathering's we have   

through out the years to come !

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BIG pictures Give Them time

On September 9-8-01 Tim Pancake drove from Shelby, Ohio to
Greensboro, N.C. to visit Donald Leng. While there they drove to
Pinehurst, N.C. to visit Sally and Jack Edwards at their lovely home for
a 40th Edisto reunion,
From left to right relaxing on the Edward's patio are: 1 Tim, Jack,
Donald, 2 Donald, Jack, Tim, 3 Jack and Sally, 4 Tim, 5 Sally and Jack,
6 Tim, Jack, Donald, 7 Sally and Jack.
The 40 years separation quickly vanished, as all had a wonderful time
with their  shipmates of yesterday. Wish you could have been there!
Donald Leng

Here is a photo of me (white shirt) (Tiny) and Leo Johnston taken outside of Worcester Ma. on 11/06/01.
Leo was on a business trip in my area. He called me and we got together for a few hours.....It's amazing....He is now the fifth of our mates that I have met with and talked to. The comfort level that I have experienced is not what you would expect after 40 years. It's like meeting with one of your hometown buddies that you haven't seen for only months. I guess that we have a family-like bond that is the result of being together for so long under such extreme conditions.....

SEA ya....Tiny 

Bill Gallant


Here is a photo of Len Mayo, Bill (Tiny) Gallant and Tom (Shoe) Shoener taken on Sept 18 2001 at LL Bean's in Freeport Maine. LL Bean's is Shoe's home court. Len and I visited with him for about three hours. My jaws were getting tired and I noticed that their ears were starting to swell so we called it a day. Kidding aside, it was a wonderful day. It's amazing how the memory gets triggered at a meeting like this. We hope to do it again, perhaps one of you can join us. I am sure that Shambles will make an effort.  

SEA ya....Tiny

Bill Gallant


Photo of Dave St. John and Bill Gallant taken in Cooperstown N.Y. this summer (2001) 

at the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was "Induction Weekend"

SEA ya....Tiny

Bill Gallant



On February 18, 2002, five of us had a get-together at Terry McPherson's summer place in Palmetto, Florida. We had a great time. As you know, Jack Lewis lives nearby in Clearwater, I was vacationing in Clearwater, Mike Lacanic came down from his home in Lakeland and John Repic and his wife Shelba were vacationing from Michigan. We were able to use the recreation hall in the community that Terry lives in and his wife, Judy, was nice enough to provide us with some very nice appetizers...... Tiny

1) Bill  ( Tiny ) Gallant
2) Jack Lewis
3)John Repic
4)Mike Lacanic
5)Terry McPherson


Shelba also took a group photo and superimposed  our cruise book photos onto the group picture. I thought that it was a nice touch......

In March of 2002 Myself, Dick and Len met with BEN of the Glacier Society.

We all went for lunch in Bridgeport Connecticut on Len with the idea of getting some help from BEN Finding our ship mates of the Edisto AGB-2


I would like to say that Len owns a trucking co. and had the 6 foot scale model of the Glacier

shipped from Washington to Bridgeport for BEN and the Glacier SOCIETY.

At Bill Gallant home in May 21,2001

BM1 Saner and Eugene Fettinger at the Boat's home in Fair Oaks, ca. back i April of this year 2002. He's 77 years old


this is Mr. and Mrs. Saner  and my wife Sheila standing in front of their home in Fair Oaks, Ca.

Eugene Fettinger ,  U S N -R

Hi Yawl,
Here is a picture of the 5 of us that got together today.  From left to right are Ron Mallet, Garland Huffman, Glenn Smith, Charles Neal and Ed Schardein. Ron Mallet's friend Wilma accompanied him and Hilda Schardein rounded out our group. 

 A good time was had by all. 

From down in Flawda

Here is a cuple photos for you guys.

See ya,